Japanese matchboxes

I have a collection of Japanese matchboxes and I am going to photograph them. They will go to the section under Japanese art: matchboxes on Pinterest, where I also collect up other people's matchboxes!

Tea Room Sakaeya

a hand printed paper

the match boxes are still boxes, I have photographed the surfaces and put together digitally

eventually I might post some more on this blog


slow snow walk


You might need to go to vimeo to watch as I can't make the embed code full screen

being moth and bat


I follow my antennae; I am filled with the scent of August flowers, honeysuckle the densest scent, thick. Evening primroses phosphoresce as dusk falls, sending out a sharper scent. Heady stuff on a foggy, humid night. And then, and then … the scent of the other, it drifts from miles. The wings flutter, shift the air, with powder touches.  * I follow the sound, the bouncing back of my sound. Fluid flutter and zig zag under the trees over the open space. * The moth hears and plummets.

making planets

I made a bowl with paper "fabric, water, arrowroot, acrylic ink, then gouache on the base, then photographed and cropped etc in photoshop, then took apart the bowl and made 2 more bowls and more planets... 

There is a set of images on Flickr here's a link to the set - a snippet of them below

jellyfish of light? experimenting

it is thin and narrow but you might have to go to vimeo to see it properly


time and tide | amser a llanw II

HERE IS THE LINK TO VIEW ON VIMEO as the embedded version doesn't always appear full frame

filmed at Aber Llydan, Sir Benfro | Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire, from under an umbrella
on going: time and tide / amser a llanw

slowly working on ways of putting language and image together...
link to text extracted from Merleau-Ponty's Phenomonology of Perception, from Part III, chapter 2: Temporality.