Remaking the world each day with what we have already

 A new planet created from things I had to hand: paper, arrowroot,  glue, ink and paint - photographed then cropped and shadowed digitally. Then taken apart and made afresh …

We have everything we need here on our planet, we don’t need to search for a new planet, but refresh how we think and feel and act in terms of our consumption and how we might share in, rather than share out.

Quakers in Britain: From Minute 36 our Canterbury Commitment:

“We need to arrive at a place in which we all take personal responsibility to make whatever changes we are called to. At the same time, we need to pledge ourselves to corporate action. The environmental crisis is enmeshed with global economic injustice and we must face our responsibility as one of the nations which has unfairly benefited at others’ expense, to redress inequalities which, in William Penn’s words, are ‘wretched and blasphemous.’ (Quaker faith & practice 25.13)”

Minute 36 leaflet

Here is a link to images of the process

Made during Voices of the Earth in the late summer of 2020, an online creative course with Woodbrooke Study Centre with Zélie & Philip Gross.
It worked well as outreach as I told lots of people I was doing a Quaker creative course! Having Woodbrooke courses available online (even with rural internet) has been so supportive to my spiritual life and in this case my artistic life, but then they overlap each other.


Japanese matchboxes

I have a collection of Japanese matchboxes and I am going to photograph them. They will go to the section under Japanese art: matchboxes on Pinterest, where I also collect up other people's matchboxes!

Tea Room Sakaeya

a hand printed paper

the match boxes are still boxes, I have photographed the surfaces and put together digitally

eventually I might post some more on this blog


slow snow walk


You might need to go to vimeo to watch as I can't make the embed code full screen

being moth and bat


I follow my antennae; I am filled with the scent of August flowers, honeysuckle the densest scent, thick. Evening primroses phosphoresce as dusk falls, sending out a sharper scent. Heady stuff on a foggy, humid night. And then, and then … the scent of the other, it drifts from miles. The wings flutter, shift the air, with powder touches.  * I follow the sound, the bouncing back of my sound. Fluid flutter and zig zag under the trees over the open space. * The moth hears and plummets.

making planets

I made a bowl with paper "fabric, water, arrowroot, acrylic ink, then gouache on the base, then photographed and cropped etc in photoshop, then took apart the bowl and made 2 more bowls and more planets... 

There is a set of images on Flickr here's a link to the set - a snippet of them below

jellyfish of light? experimenting

it is thin and narrow but you might have to go to vimeo to see it properly