Things I don't get about other people's Christmasses #2 Turkey

Turkey has never been traditional in my family - and that's looking back to my grandparents as well. Chicken was not cheap when I was younger - nor when my parents were young. They both had access to chicken meat but not roastable chicken. SO roast chicken was a treat not a regular. My father's parents were more likely to have pheasant - poached [method of acquisition not cooking - and if it's poached it's never hung, don't want to be caught out]; I believe there might even have been venison on occasion...

My parents if they can afford it sometimes have goose or occasionally duck. I have made a vegetarian pie that I found in the Woman's Journal, unspeakable years ago*. My participation in meat eating has varied over the years. Sometimes the Christmas chicken was home grown.

I'm not sure when it was that I realised there was a turkey thing going on, school I supposed, at some point. I'm sure boar's head or goose is far more traditional. Did Dickens start up the turkey fashion?
I have once had turkey for Christmas dinner, I was away from home and it was known that I'd never had turkey for Christmas so an organic, free range bird was procured.

It'll be goose and pie this year.
Here's a Christmas plate I prepared earlier, with handmade recycled paper crackers

25_12_07 060 main course

*wheat free vegetarian pie: chestnut, apricots & chickpea stuffing balls in white wine sauce with fennel bulb, broccoli, broad beans.

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