Things I don't get about other people's Christmasses #1 Advent calendars with chocolates/gifts

So Advent calendars: I had first better declare that I collect them. Someone once gave me a chocolate advent calendar, I wasn't too pleased. Advent is a time of waiting and expectation the idea of getting little things along the way seems to run against that. There are the other sort that you can put little gifts in - perhaps if the little gifts were decorations that might make a nice collection - or perhaps they build up a collage. I do like my advent calendars to make sense, not random doors that destroy the main image - I'm a bit fussy aren't I?

The other objection to chocolate advent calendars is aesthetic - and ethical - you get a plastic space where the chocolate was, and there is no point in saving them. They're just a box.

This one is a scene and has windows and doors that open up. I have two of them one my Nan gave me when I was maybe 11 or 12 years old and one [without extra fold out sides] that I bought later as the original had lost all doors and was taped together! You are looking at the new one - it has a text on each window.

advent calender playing music

playing music

I still have an envelope that a calendar from my Gran was sent in pre 1971.

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