Blaenau Vista Social Club

I knew it would rain in Blaenau Ffestiniog, but actually the day I arrived it was sunny and as I was wearing cordurioy shorts and spent some time leaning on a slope watching an artist turn his car into art, I got sunburnt knees. I had taken flowery mac, a present from india as a shorts waterproofing, and indeed it was needed. I woke to rain. Tents that don't have a porch are not useful in Wales. You can't sit with zip open and eat breakfast looking at the world without getting wet. This was the Grisedale Roadshow in partnership with the Real Institute in 2003.
Anyway this was Bedwyr Williams' s Blaenau Vista Club in the morning. I decided to go to Welsh classes after this. Awful to say but never bothered polishing up my Welsh because didn't seem much apart from poetry (and the fact that I lived in Wales and my grandfather spoke the language) that gave me good reason to put more money and time into it.....
It was a great two days. The youngsters of the town were feral and cheeky and ended up burning down the tent that held their work... art and destruction... and I got there by bus, my first of several epic adventures from south west Cymru to north.

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