things I experienced at PW 10: id never lie to you

as in a previous post:

"I pick up Deleuze and Gualtain, a thousand plateaus, I open it and find a sheet of paper with a sort of story....photocopy replace move me on. how can I photocopy and replace? so I photograph it and will see what I can come up with. it is already a photocopy of a crumpled piece of paper!Go down to bookshop find a copy of the book, crumpled front page, no price. I am offered it at 20% off, I say yes."

I had to check out the copy in the reading room to make completely sure that I did want to buy it.

I shall print out this page that I found and leave it somewhere or other...I'll let you know...

id never lie to you

you can see the image larger if you click on it...and enlarge


fuckmepoet said...

I need to move. Thankyou. We can't just let go.

Flo Fflach said...

my chest hurt last night...I realised I was hardly breathing.