notes on being in bristol for PW 10 [Sunday]

20,000 people pitter patter past my window twice, this morning.

What is this not filling mugs up properly with tea? Leaving far more space than is required for milk. Especially annoying in mugs that flare at top, narrow at bottom.

walk into reading room at arnolfini, over my shoulder I hear " no bloody milk in there".

A little later I hear J R Carpenter being asked if she'd like a tea or coffee. Yes she'd like a tea. It arrives black; he apologising because there is no milk. I thought "I knew that....".

Bump into someone who was a student at Coleg Ceredigion when I was a tutor. Last knew of her doing foundation at Carmarthen...whilst Iwas a lecturer there. Nice to hear the story, the prograssion.

"waiting to be pulled out"

camouflage foliage....like a deja vu from yesterday

Start as you mean to go on
Cables into sea in Cornwall.
A list of private messages for me

I look again and again at the plants outside and wonder if it is drought or herbicide.

count down. glam fuzz. screen reaching. audacity. bank gothic. red daps.

I get lunch. last seat. I have 45 minutes between events.

The woman I sit next to comments on my long indigo warehouse jacket. She also asks if it is French (she sounds French); it isn't. I tell her that it runs. She suggests that I wash it in vinegar.

A man orders cake, he's a poet actually. He is handed the plate and lifts it to his nose to sniff it. He doesn't smile. One can't assume thought that he is unhappy.

My eyes really are not very good these days [the today that is the day that I write on I have been reminded by the optician that I am overdue an eye test].

I HATE THIS SO MUCH [I'm sorry but the this involved here will not be explained]

The sound of poetry the poetry of sound.
Finally the sun comes out.

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