Text Festival, my encounter

Currently the Text Festival is on at Bury Art Gallery and Museum
This post is a little delayed...I went to the opening night and the events on Saturday.
A bit of an adventure really - up to Lancaster by train. Then down to Bury by car via 20 mile detour. Then Saturday's journey by train and bus. I do not do these things lightly - health and UV have to be considered [an annoying condition of photosensitivity leaves me often looking like a bandit]

So words being one of my favourite materials to work with I have created a document combining things over heard and observed on the journey and in the gallery - these then include written and spoken word pieces by other artists.

within the document there are many more links to artists mentioned - there are some pictures too.

The spoken word version - of course no pictures except of the wonderful tactile text invite


the bit I left out:
green on grey
grey on green
green against grey
green grey verge road trees sky


raingirl said...

amazing thing this internet stuff - i now get to not only see what you see through your lens, but hear you speak to your world. lovely sound you have to your voice. fascinating piece.

what exactly is this 'text festival'?

Flo Fflach said...

how did I miss your comment "raingirl"? the Text festival happens now and then http://www.textfestival.com/. I was amazed to have work shown - a video.