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as requested...how I made the paper decorations in the previous post...

making #1

1 sheet from Country Living, a pair of scissors, a stapler and some glue [UHU is my favourite].
Cut the sheet into three. Three different widths make three different sizes.

making #2

Concertina fold the strips. Sometimes a there's a little bit too much, just trim it off. It's better if it is all like a series of Ms that is start and finish down [well or both up like W]

Then fold each concertina neatly in half. Firmly staple along the crease - sometimes it doesn't go right through, I just turn it over and go in from the other side.

making #3

making #4
Then you glue the two bits together to make a half moon, then open out and stick the other sides together...
Then you might want to stick shiny things, buttons or glitter into the middle - even a little disc of coloured paper.

Now if you want to make a long hanging you need to join them up. You can either make a little stitch into mddle of one and tie a knot and join to the next, then repeat...then thread a loop through to hang it or you can take one thread through - it's quite fiddly getting it through the middle.

making #5

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