a lot of holes

there are a lot of gaps in this blog. some lists not documented, some journey scribbles not written down. SO here are some:

jan 23rdish b4after

from the train the world is perfect: littered with rubbish, back gardens, pigeon cages, tyreless tractors, alders, pink.

I’ll show you were granny his. there, she points to her two under 5 year old, there, with granddad and uncle, yes that is gran’s . freshly dug. She points away from the seaside town of Borth and to the church on the inland side of the railway track.

Eyes suddenly filled with tiny white dots flying smoothly.

Slip south of the sleeping giants of the north
to the giants of Newtown

 the lads, have Gola or Adidas bags
a burnt tree with a magpie sat in

Flowery Field
Newton for Hyde

 huge flock of jacadaws, then gulls, then starlings

february 1

Cloud lifted & the mountain lies stretched, thick white blushing pink under sunrise clouds. Then on up to the chooks where I nearly decapitated chooks because of ice. They were making so much fuss. So holding bobhole door up & peered in: dog had got his head up through hole in floor. And was tuck.

had to hold slate door up with one hand [glad I got long arms] and lift up floor edge to help him get his head out.

all romantic notions of imbolc/brigid/bride stretched out white turned into giggles.

march 9
I need ear plugs. The early, early blackbird is a delight, then the songthrush blasts out for hours in the tree outside the window.
I stand over the pond with a stick pushing aside the green weed to see the toads beneath. Gnats speckle tingle over my head & face

early june in rain

yellow clown beaked jacadaw fledglings sit on the roof

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