notes on going to & being in bristol for PW 10 [friday/saturday]

tiny waves sparkle glitter at the feet of flocks of oyster catchers. Earlier in the morning I had heard a grass hopper warbler. They are on RSPB red list, but this year they are cropping up in new places. The cherry was lovely against the blue sky. Thinking about tone...sight and sound word, particularly important in black & white photography - well really should be grey scale! black and white has no tone, it is black and white! binary, positive negative. which I think creates a new poetry.Listen to accents on the train [later accents will crop up in conversation and at PW 10 . hear an elongated A in the word yesterday. See layers of the landscape reflected as I listen to these As.
One disadvantage of gluten free biscuits is that when you are travelling you get crumbs all over your clothes and deep into the folds/creases of the page of the book that you are reading.
Such heavy long real dream last night, a quaker funeral across two churches. Many people, no black clothes, all pale. silent prayer (recently have had a couple of dreams where I meditate or pray). Then I cry and cry on the shoulder of the stranger beside me.
At severn tunnel junction so many small trees all so very freshly green. And a sky like a June rain sky.
In the morning I don't seem to want to leave the building to go to the Arnolfni! Distract myself with lots of things small and large.
Spit spots of rain as I leave [I discovered since I left home that my blue warehouse jacket sheds colour when wet. I am wearing antique white, not the colour but the age!].
When asked to introduce myself i write something along the lines of "texture, touch, body, find the words or not. Plants."... I was participating in http://www.dispersal.org.uk/. The paper that I was writing on was thick and shiny in a linen sort of a way and proper letter press printed by Sinister Bird, Dartington. And hand perforated by sewing machine. A treadle with jig set up. Excellent!
Gets to one o'clock and I am not hungry but I am very tired...
Waiting to see/hear Redell Olsen I am fascinated with the wiring and the gaffer tape and other safety arrangements to secure everything to the floor. so beautiful, an work in itself.
She has much text and textiles - as she does in her performance the next day.
conceptual art poetics. Think of Mark Leahy book I have.
puff sleeve with full gathering.
veil disguise
Allen Fisher mentions image available to human perception and I immediately think of astronomy and the leaps forward that have been made in what we can see since infra red astronomy came about in the mid eighties. And how it has affected understanding of star formation.
batchelor's buttons
thought teeters
I pick up Deleuze and Gualtain, a thousand plateaus, I open it and find a sheet of paper with a sort of story....photocopy replace move me on. how can I photocopy and replace? so I photograph it and will see what I can come up with. it is already a photocopy of a crumpled piece of paper!
Go down to bookshop find a copy of the book, crumpled front page, no price. I am offered it at 20% off, I say yes.

(Caroline Bergvall and Ciarán Maher: Say Parsley )
Language - the sounds that identify difference to me.
speech over identity
the dance - a conversation in Ireland that sounds a little like the Welsh: where are you from? Which always means where are you from, where are your parents from, where are your grandparents from. establishing an identity. assessing who you are.
words on walls. all around us.
spend time undoing how we don't want to be seen/heard. disassociate from a given identity. I'd say to disassociate from an assumed identity that others create on hearing my accent.
Sign wave speech wave PRAAT. average. extraction of information beyond word formation. a wave or a particle.
watching the hand of the man talking.
perceptions are not passive. we are creating/recreating constantly - it is not about a clear message sent and merely received but a message sent out and about interpretation/translation.

[remember my trip to Totnes/dartington in December, so many well spoken people...and an over hearing of very middle class affluent conversations. Then finally at Totnes station as I am leaving a train arrival announcement in a local accent!]
dropping of the T but what about the T to D. I HATE IT.
Robert Ashley singing speech.

watch the shaman tramp from above. he has his two gloved hands out with give and receive. A girl takes and immediately wants to put into receive hand but he snaps his fists closed and turns away sharply; she is left gasping with the money in her hand.
[Aeron Williamson]

conversations on language, plants, naming. Somatic experience.
John Hall: I'm going to stop talking and read some writing.
Writing can anticipate the phantoms of the future.
When removed from the page it becomes an image; what about the desire to see?
Out and away now be away and not in that is my question exactly. a rethinking. new conversations could be found, more effort, not on a plate. So what? Even perhaps other ways of making conversations.
memory and knowledge held in writing. BUT I say stories held in the body, the memory by individuals and communicated by the the tongue have been a long tradition - writing it down kills it, alters the memory capacity of the story teller and encapsulates the story there and then, never to change with the times so it can make the same tale relevant to the new time.
walk home late after watching two women try to learn to "heart" a long long list of love songs...I wonder if they did it?

I see a girl walking with crutches. Her leg has been bad for 14 months; I know this because she was on the same bus as me yesterday and was chatting with the driver.

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