Day To Go

at the bus stop with my new daps, nice collection of shadows and reflections.

ok so Cardiff buses now have only two fares (well there is the weekly one too) £1.50 single and £3.00 Day To Go. This little phrase "to go" is somewhat over used and occasionally totally pointless. Well, I mean, a day ticket for the bus is about going isn't it? Food To Go lets you know you can probably handle the package on the street and eat in a fairly orderly manner as you scamper about town, getting indigestion and grubby fingers, just right for shopping for silk fripperies. So I buy a Day To Go ticket and manage to use 4 buses, because I have to get across town and that takes two buses. I had bought a Day To Go on the Sunday used it twice planned another return journey but on discovering that it being a Sunday I would have to walk back, stayed in with a book.
No. 60 @ 10:30
No. 57 @ 11:40
No. 55 @ 14:37
No.25 @15.02

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