Travelling Light

The exhibition is officially over, but some photos remain in situ. One mega bus sunset has been removed/liberated/stolen. I have taken the rest from the window as the super duper spary (think I'll leave that spelling error for spray in seems appropriat) mount didn't have enough duper for a hot telephone box. The blue bottles have bred at an alarming rate dispite the quantity of spiders, maybe the spiders can't eat that many without queasiness ensuing.
Only one foul/crude/unwritable message in the visitors book from a dubble reddit, who thinks I stik and suggests that I go away.
Was touched by the range of people who took the time to visit, or use it as an excuse to also walk up Foeldrygarn.
Several phone calls were made in and out, I don't know if any of the visitors chose to call a friend and chat for twenty minutes for 40p.

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