The Father at the abbey
said to her
When you are spiritually destitute
– you grit and grime and grimace at what to do –
there is nothing
To do: you are like a rubber duck on a river
all you can do is bob
Keep bobbing. There is no more to do than that.
You can’t control the river you can’t decide if it’s rapids or
Sludgy chocolate slowness.
So I bought her a glow in the dark rubber duck, so that in that bleak waking she’ll see the duck and remember all that needs doing is to keep bobbing.
I also saw this pale blue glow in the dark stag beetle,
with a sucker pad on the back, and I thought of you.
So I wrap it in tissue
wondering at the strangeness of the connection
and post it to you.
You I’m sure will wonder even more and have no connection at all.
The thought occurred and was strong enough to cause action
so I followed and
hope to give up wondering why.
There is no why.
There only is.
And I love you.

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