Back dated from 6th April 2007 from myspace blog, don't like the place anymore so am moving here:

I have drunk some graperuit juice, bitter, just what I needed. Very miserable and grumpy with it. It is not just the sun that is making me frown. Sunny and extremely cold, more like some much more northen clime. And still the tourist are in shirt sleeves and sitting outside the cafes. Of course the lawn mowers are out in force. Why don't they just all go to church? It is Good Friday after all.

My friends have lost the Zoo in London. Maybe the zoo is lost. No they say they are lost in headzono.

Is there any point to this? The blog rather than life. I know life is pointless, not to mention harsh and cold.

I need a fried egg, now.


I take an egg from the fridge
It is cupped in
my hands

The ache of cold barrenness extends
throughmy arms
Fills my belly

Cracking it into
hot spitting fatI fry it
in a cast iron pan.

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